Race Suggestions & Reminders


  • Bring an official form of identification (license, passport, photo ID, etc.) and you must sign a waiver to participate. We will not be able to let you into the event otherwise.

  • You will be covered in mud, zombie guts, body parts, and other apocalyptic liquids after the race so bring a towel and change of clothing (especially socks and clean shoes to change into).

  • Bring blankets and warm gear to change into following the race. (There is also a bag check this year)

  • Feel free to bring a lawn chair so that you can stick around for the music, bon fire and food/beverages.

  • Parking will be next door to the course in the open area behind NAPA on Rte. 57. To enter this lot you will pull into Sharkey’s and then follow the signs or there is an entrance right on Rte. 57 just before NAPA.

  • Check the weather before the event to make sure you are prepared (i.e. umbrellas, warm gear, cold gear, wet gear, etc.).

  • Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged and who knows there might be random prizes awarded for your creativity!

  • We recommend you arrive at least 1-2 hours before your designated wave time to allow time for parking, registration, waiver signing, mental preparation, strategizing, and travel to the starting line.

  • Registration DEADLINE is October 1, 2015: please register as soon as possible, so that we can be adequately prepared.  If you decide/have interest in participating following the registration deadline, please contact info@cusesports.com and we will try to fit you in, depending on capacity.

  • The first wave will start at 11:00 am, with subsequent waves starting about every 15 minutes.  There will be some variability, so make sure you pay attention to what is going on.  Your start time and the number of waves will be dependent upon a number of factors, including: the number of participants, the weather, the time of your registration, the awesomeness of your costume, and your overall attitude about being devoured by ZOMBIES.

  • Remember to stick around after your wave to enjoy some tasty food, Beer, Music and generally the most kick butt after party this side of apocalypse!

  • This is not a race, but a challenge: which means we will not be timing you and you are not competing against the other participants.  It is up to you to finish and help others finish.  You may walk or run: you do not have to be faster than the zombies, just faster than your slowest team member.

  • We understand that there is some variability in the information listed above, but please be patient with us, and above all, have a great time! 

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